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an au for transformers prime
written by jay

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RULE V. NSFW may appear on this blog. Only in the form of text, and everything will be cut and tagged appropriately. It won't be super common as Windblade is young and as of yet unattached but it still may show up, and I just want folks to be prepared. Obviously I do not expect someone to rp NSFW content if they don't want to; fade to blacks are equally fine in scenes if both parties are comfy!RULE VI. I will try to tag all common triggers. Most of the triggers that may show up regard war trauma, PTSD and trauma responses, and discussions of violence and conflict. I do request things like eye and hand trauma/gore be tagged, as those are big triggers of mine. All things I tag will be under "trigger cw."RULE VII. RP is my hobby, not my jobby. I have a handful of other blogs and also work full time, so my activity may be sporadic. Please don't pressure me for replies, as it just makes me anxious and you'll be less likely to get a reply at all in the long run.RULE VII. Above all else, have fun! We're here for a good time, not a long time, so let's toss out some ideas and get to playing!

Hello, I'm Jay! You can also call me Cinnamon, Cinna, Bunny, or Bun! I'm transmasc nonbinary and 39 years old, with a love of Transformers that started with G1. My pronouns are they/them. Pleased to meet you!

❝ A cityspeaker's first priority is service. we even change our faces to look like Caminus, to show our devotion to him. ❞• be soft, my love
• because flowers do not grow
• on hard ground


Windblade of Caminus was a somewhat expected blessing. The only bitlet of Oracle, a temple priest, and Emberlight, a powerful cityspeaker in his own right, that she showed signs of the gift very early came as no surprise. This eventually came to the attention of Caminus's cityspeaker order, and as soon as she was old enough to be apart from her family, the femme was taken to the convent to train as an acolyte.Many of the priests at the convent didn't think the headstrong little femme could ever really be capable of the focus required for such a rigorous task, but the Mistress of Flame was certain: with such a powerful gift, it would be wasteful to simply let her be sent off to the Academy, squandering her telepathic abilities. And as it turned out, she was quite capable. She was among the very few that managed to pass the final exams to finally be made a novice.As Windblade's life was truly beginning, war was already well underway on Cybertron, and slowly the colonies were beginning to cut contact. Eventually, only Caminus remained in contact and trade with Cybertron proper, and the council eventually convinced the Mistress of Flame to come to Cybertron with a contingent of novice cityspeakers in an attempt to find some lasting peace between the warring Autobots and Decepticons in the hope that the neutral third party could assist the remaining metrotitans on Cybertron, Metroplex and Trypticon, and through this show that cooperation was the way forward on their world.Unfortunately, this was not to pass. While on neutral ground for the meeting, an unknown attacker set upon the meeting hall, and the casualties were high. The Council reported to Caminus that all at the location were killed, including the beloved Mistress of Flame and several bodyguards, and in grief and fear, Caminus shut off the space bridge and cut all contact with their homeworld.What somehow was not reported was that one of the severely wounded cityspeakers survived her injuries. This young cityspeaker was Windblade, who now found herself stranded on Cybertron. For a time, the young cityspeaker was strictly under the control of the oldest councilors, with the intention of usin her to manipulate Metroplex to their bidding. But before long, the young senator Elita One stepped in to oversee the youngling. Under her protection, she continued to care for Metroplex in the absence of her brothers and sisters who died in the attack. Even after the exodus, she remained with the fallen Titan, believed dead by his own faction, and there she has remained ever since…...but Metroplex lives, and his worry over his voice may drive him to desperate measures... sending his trusted voice to the one safe place left for Cybertron's last cityspeaker: Earth.


  • NAME. windblade

  • GENDER. agender

  • PRONOUNS. she/her

  • ORIENTATION. bisexual

  • SPECIES. camien

  • OCCUPATION. cityspeaker (novice)

  • BIRTHPLACE. caminus

  • CURRENT LOCATION. jasper, nevada, usa, earth

  • FAMILY. oracle (carrier) and emberlight (sire)


  • TRAITS adaptable, honest, empathetic, loyal, creative / impatient, perfectionist, impulsive, headstrong, stubborn

  • LIKES + DISLIKES flying, rainstorms, sunrises, watching Ratchet work / staying inside, being kept in the dark, long dry spells, being unbale to fly

  • MBTI infp-a


  • TEMPERAMENT sanguine

  • ALIGNMENT neutral good

important information.

Since I’ve had some iteration of this account since November 2014 (I was thelastcityspeaker before, and moved to wiindvoiice later), well before we knew much at all about Caminus proper and before we had any info that Windblade was going to appear in an animated series, I just wanted to point out that I won’t be changing the direction I’ve taken or MOST of the information I’ve developed. I put a lot of work into the headcanons that developed my Primeverse take, but thankfully the Aligned universe is disjointed anyway, so we’ll just treat my girl here as an AU. Here’s some basics, since I’m doing some retconning while keeping a lot of the stuff I’ve already built:

  • Things not being retconned: the massacre of the cityspeakers on Cybertron before the fall of Iacon, the use of telepathy by the cityspeakers.

  • Caminus was the first city to have a cityspeaker, but in this verse, he was not the only one. There was a specific order set up to train young colonists and core Cybertronians who had the gift. Originally I’d had the order set up on Cybertron; it's instead on Caminus.

  • The order’s origin is moving to Caminus proper (since the first cityspeaker came from there), but with the war calling for more supplies and Caminus slowly starting to flounder, a small conclave came through to Cybertron, hoping their unique abilities could provide a bridge between the disparate factions. Windblade was the mental equivalent of 12-13 at the time of the transfer.

  • Though only a novice at the present part in her story, Windblade is a surprisingly accomplished cityspeaker. Her natural gift for “hearing” the voice of the cities was what got her enrolled in the program in the first place..

  • She came to Cybertron with a number of other cityspeakers and a dear friend, the Mistress of Flame's bodyguard Chromia, who has not seen her since the massacre. Presently, she’s convinced she’s dead.

  • At present, Windblade is the mental equivalent of 19-20 years old.

  • She was trained in combat by Elita-1, who disagreed with the council’s handling of the very young novice when she herself was a councilor. Windblade still sees her very much as an older sister.

  • The worship of the Primes among Camiens is still a thing, but having spent a large part of her training among Cybertronians, Windblade has fewer tendencies toward this. She does see the Prime as a revered order and has a great deal of respect for them.

  • The cityspeaker massacre was still entirely set up by the council and blamed on the Decepticons so that they could more easily manipulate the only survivor they allowed, the youngest one.


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